Become More, Live Higher

Elevate Your Business!

RizeCon is one of the best, most professional business events I have attended in a really long time.  The quality of the speakers, the experience has helped this community take the game to a whole different level!   This event will change your business and your life by attending!  

Diane Bevan



Your path to greatness


It is YOUR TIME, Right Now, to decide if these difficult times are going to define you, or if you’re going to take control of your fate! 

You can’t afford to wait for the world to go back to normal.  We have all experienced different emotions over the course of the last 6 months!  These emotions can either DEFINE you or that can DESIGN you!  The life you want – of purpose, passion and success – is out there waiting for YOU to take action and seize it, and if you don’t you’ll be left behind.  

Most people in the world around us are doing one of two things… They are either trying to get by and survive…

Or they are looking to find a way to Become More, Live Higher and Elevate Themselves and Their Business.  

RizeCon 2020 is the platform to create a real, authentic experience of hearing the difficulties of what others have been through.  Understand the things they did in their lives to help them overcome. 

These experiences will help you come up with strategies and tactics to help take you to the next level in your life and business!  

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Become More

RizeCon 2020 is changing the GAME for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Driven Individuals!

Over 1.5 days you will have the opportunity to discover the power that lies within yourself to overcome any limitations, overcome any challenges you are feeling due to the circumstances around you!

And to create that environment… 

We’ve hand selected some business owners, entrepreneurs, and driven individuals who’s stories will move you to action. Inspire you to change. Empower you to realize that you can change your life and your business forever!

At our First RizeCon 2018 event, I had the opportunity of sitting next to a high profile individual that helped us launch a new arm of our business in the Financial Education Industry for Students Across the State of Idaho. We closed a $2M deal because the team at RizeCon sat me next to an individual that could help me take my business to the next level! RizeCon is a Gamechanger for Business!"

Stuart Draper, StuKent

Live Higher

We believe that in order to get the most productivity our of ourselves and our teams we have to inspire them to Live Higher!

Living Higher means to look at the surroundings and the environment that make up your life.

Living Higher means that you determine to become the best version of yourself for yourself and the work place to inspire others to continue in the path of growth.

Living Higher means that you reach out to others, connect with others, and realize that there are others that need someone like you to help mentor, coach and take them and their lives to the next level.


Take a look at what past attendees are saying

The Benefit from RizeCon that I have experienced this far exceeds anything I've experienced from any other events I've ever been a part of.... We've already picked up tens of thousands of dollars already in new business because of our involvement with RizeCon and RizeX.
RizeX is Legit, RizeCon is Legit and such a worthy investment of time and resources!"

-Jeremy D.

Attending RizeCon/RizeX Events. I always leave with such GREAT ideas. I am in an operations role for my company and often times I tend to get caught in my daily routines, and I don't change things to better what I'm doing. So when I come here, I'm able to be inspired to implement new ideas that I get from the people here!

I LOVE the people energy here. It's very positive and inspiring!"

- Echo M.

We don't come to RizeCon to brag about how we are better, why you need to do business with me... rather we come together and discuss how we can make each other better, how our business can be be better because of our meetings together. We talk about how our business can be better because of our relationships?

RizeX/RizeCon is really able to Dig DEEP, it's really able to get into how can we Become More, Live Higher and Elevate Buisness Together!

- Andy C.

The quality of speakers and other business owners that come to RizeCon is impressive! I always get a good recommendation on what I can do to continue to improve myself and my life!"

- Elias Trejo, Home Smart Realty


What you get with RizeCon!


Learn to take Massive Action


Connect with Others Who can Change Your Business!


Be Inspired by Stories of Success

...and much more!

RizeCon is a place where you can come and meet people. A way to improve your business and your professional life. You can get to know people that have ideas and can receive fresh perspective, and help you work on your business in a way you wouldn't be able to think of if you didn't have that network."

- Angie Lion, Black River Performance

What makes RizeCon so Incredible?

The People and the Experiences!  

The most powerful part of RizeCon is learning from other individuals who have paved their career with trial and error and now are willing to share with each of us what they’ve learned.  

Experiences of our speaking crew, coupled with plans of action that our speakers share has become one of the most compelling reason for attending RizeCon.  

RizeCon is unlike any other event in the fact that it focuses on Small to Medium Business owners in a Non-Industry specific way.  The value is that there are so many incredible business owners that have learned similar lessons regardless of the industry. 


Where most conferences are “Industry Specific”, RizeCon combines leaders from all industries to help and inspire these business owners to “Become More, Live Higher, and Elevate Business.”

Now is the time to engage with the #RizeNation Community and join us in our journey of Becoming More, Living Higher and Elevating Business! 

The Experience Will Change You!

...for the better!

RizeCon to me is so valuable because I find a lot of value sitting in a room where the energy is so uplifting and I feel like I can relate to everyone because we all share the same experiences. We are all in a similar place, and when I get the opportunity to speak with others, connect with others, it helps me become a better person and a better business owner.

Audrey Preston, Vision Wifi


Hear from Amazing Speakers


Nathan Ogden

Professional Motivational Speaker

From a rising 20-something to instantly paralyzed, Nathan Ogden’s life came crashing to a hault.  Nathan shattered his neck snow skiing leaving him a quadriplegic in 2001.  Though intense therapy and pain over the next year he recovered half of his body function and began working full time again.  Just as life seemed “normal” again Nathan experienced another devastating neck break that robbed him the use of his hands, triceps, and any regained movement from chest down.  By staring at excuses in the eye he found …

Coach Viliami Tuivai

Motivational Speaker|Life Champion

For over a decade, thousands of people have had the opportunity to experience the passion, powerful audience engagement, and life changing keynotes on personal and professional development given at all Coach V events. His usage of audience engagement makes him the #1 Engagement Speaker in the nation.

Coach V is the author of the book LIFE CHAMPIONS Life Lessons That Yield Championship Results. Phrases he has coined and authored are being lived out nationwide due to the impact he has had on the lives of his audiences. Amongst these are…

Dr. Mark Peters

INL Laboratory Director

Dr. Mark Peters is the director of Idaho National Laboratory with responsibilities for management and integration of a large, multipurpose laboratory whose mission focuses on nuclear energy, national and homeland security, and energy and environmental science and technology. He manages this U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory of more than 4,000 scientists, engineers and support staff in multiple nuclear and nonnuclear experimental facilities, with an annual budget of over $900 million. Peters also serves as a senior adviser to the Department of Energy…

Julian Carr

Professional Athlete | Gold Data

*SKIING: Professional athlete representing a variety of amazing companies. A brand ambassador in all respects.

Specialties: My Economics Degree from the University of Utah has given me peace of mind, confidence in management, comfort with numbers, an ability to complete tasks, and an understanding of the economy at large and for my industries.


Julia Deaver

Experience and Brand Designer | Silicon Slopes | Co-Founder #GetHired Summit & CyberCraft Summit | LinkedIn Local Host SLC | xYouniqueFoundation | Women of Inspiration Nominee

Passionate about designing, influencing and producing work that inspires, empowers and connects us all to a better world. Expertise in creating strategic partnerships, fundraising and social influence with 12+ years directing high-level events. Experience in marketing, project management, negotiating vendors, sponsors, donors, venues, presenters, and performers with diversity and inclusion and public relations background.


Ryan Harris

Visionary and Founder


Diane Bevan

Executive Director|Idaho Women's Business Center
Founder & CEO Idaho Hispanic Foundation


James Jacobi

Strategic Advisor for C-Suite Sales Executives and Small Business Owners| Speaker


Amy Wood

High-Vibe Conscious Creator
Master Manifestor
Empowering Women


Carrie Wooten

President | Mindset Enterprise


Ivan Castillo

Owner-The Castle Real Group KW| Odyssey Homes


Sayrd Iverson

Director | Idaho Women's Business Center


Andy Crossman

Executive Director |HAS Inc.
Journeys LLC | Keynote Speaker


Rob Polecki

Founder & CEO Washie
2019 BSW Winner|Inventor


Julie Whitehead

Radio Talk Show Co-Host | Sandhill Media Group


Jared Taylor

Chief Technology Officer
Rize Holdings, LLC


Michelle Palmer

CrossFit Enthusiast


Art McCracken

Chief Strategy Officer LuLaRoe | Transformational Leadership Coach | Speaker & Writer

0 (3)

Garry McIntosh

Director of Corporate Relations | Operation Underground Railroad

Your Elevated Life is calling


The path to success is to take massive actions, determined action.  You cannot wish yourself to success or take the “ordinary” path if you want to lead an extraordinary life.  You have the opportunity through RizeCon 2020 to gain Action and Accountability, Connection with Incredible People, and Learn Tips, Tricks and Tactics to take you to a whole new level of professional development.

Right now, you’re being called to take action and make impact in a whole new way!  Who will you be with the world goes back to normal?  Will you be the same or will you transform into who you are destined to be?  Will you contribute?  How will you impact the business community you are connected to?  How will you impact the world- your community, your family, yourself?

Step up to discover your ultimate potential today – purchase your RizeCon 2020 Ticket TODAY and join us to “Become More, Live Higher, Elevate Yourself and Business”.

Stay Humble, Hustle Hard,

Ryan Harris

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